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The “Orissa Today” an English Daily News Paper has been coming out from Bhubaneswar. Since 2005. That Day was the beginning of the Car festival of Sri Jagannath that was Srigundicha Jatra. Though it was my small initiative still I never fear for the expenses some of my friends , Senior and Junior Journalist and mostly all of my own Brothers has made me enthusiastic to continue this paper.

Really we felt the necessity of an English Daily in the state Capital. .We bothers to publish the rural news. So our view was we will give priority to the news of Rural area. The problems of School & Colleges, the facilities and obstructions in rural employment. The construction work for rural communication. Especially highlight the public distribution system of Rural. Orissa. The old age people having some importance in their villages- we seek their advices and share their experiences for the management of a better society. Thought are many. But how to materialise all these that as the main work of our Reader, Writer & Journalist. We hope the Orissa Today family will agree with these words of mine